Arnalds is a professional actress. She has played many leading roles such as the young innocent Margaret queen of Scotland and revengeful Clytemnestra who killed her husband Agamemnon. These and other roles demonstrate the range of characters Arnalds can deliver as a dramatic actress.

Arnalds has played in Feature films such as Agnes, in TV productions and Radio plays. She was a TV representative for two years on the popular TV show 2001 Nights.


Bergljót is voted as one of the best Icelandic actresses of all time on the internet. She has received various awards and prizes for her work. Bergljót was granted the SPRON culture award and has received the AUÐUR prize. 


Queen of Elves - Tamina
Filming TV
The Ice Queen sleeps
Golden Girl
Rauðisandur model
Movie filming
Pop video
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